The crucial elements in human life

The crucial elements in human life

Image by Guthrie Collins

Do you live with electric power every day?
If people read and heard that title, most of them must immediately hesitate and then give positive answers more than negative ones. Due to that, this is a kind of common thing in our life, and people have been accustomed to being part of our life. For example, you need to charge your phone, or you need to turn on the light when you enter a dark room.

Do you live with fire every day?
All right, if our question is changing to that do you usually live with fire every day, and we guess that most people will spend more time on the hesitation, and then they still cannot speak the answer out. Indeed, it is also a kind of normal thing in our lives, and we are generally accustomed to them, such as you need to cook with fire or use the heater. Furthermore, the fire usually can come out through the electricity problem at the same time.
Due to that, the devil is hidden in the details, the most common thing might usually produce the most serious problem. Especially, they usually do not notice by users. Let's watch the below videos to explore that how a common socket cause fires by loose wires.

Video by Andrew Payce. All credits go to Andrew Payce.

Video by the City of Holland. All credits go to the City of Holland.

How does the danger come to your life?
After watching those former videos, we can discover that a perfect new socket usually can work a couple of times through great use and construction. However, the reality always can be different with our think, majors are generally challenging dangers with worse habits and oversight, for instance, the worst construction and using with several plugs which we know from former videos. Moreover, according to some articles (Sun Electrical Ltd. 2018), there are still lots of factors causing danger to us, part of them include old wiring, arc faults, Unprotected Outlets and so on. Furthermore, those dangers usually are not just leading to the basic risk, there are pretty often might make horrible disasters for users and the surrounding area, such as making fire and smoke through burn sockets, wire and other flammable materials.

What things are people trying to do?
Due to the horrible result, which we mention at the later of the former paragraph, so most producers who produce appliances, computers, communications, consumer electronics and related goods are generally seeking great standards with their materials on flame resistance, such as UL standard or GWT (Glow Wire Test). Those standards are allowing users to increase the time with discovering, saving and escaping the damage, it cannot prevent this product from unburn when contacting the burn source for a long time.

What things are we trying to do?
Flame resistance is an indispensable element in our products. Therefore, there are several materials that can produce those merchandise, and we generally separate them by Halogen materials and Halogen-free ones, the former one is usually used by most producers, it can make by low material cost and sufficient material source, but it also can cause some disadvantages to producers, such as the corrosion of module, or the health problem with operators. Thus, because there is a requirement from our clients, and we start to develop our first material with flame-resistant series, it takes us more than half a year to develop, test and produce. Finally, we create the new Phoenix 18 series in our merchandise list, our 18 series is belonging the Halogen-free flame resistant, which is due to the client requirement, personal health and environmental issues. Moreover, the 18 series have got the level V0 on the testing of UL 94, which was tested by a three-party group. At the same time, it has got a great result on the GWT, which can fit distant requirements from different industrials.

All in all, if you are looking for halogen-free flame-resistant materials or flame-resistant materials, please feel free to contact us, we will be glad to know your requirements.

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