TPE: Enjoy cycling with comfort grips

TPE: Enjoy cycling with comfort grips

The relevance of TPEs and outdoor activities:

Who needs a gym when you have the outdoors?
Outdoor activities have a stronger effect on our blood pressure and mood than indoor activities. Spending time outdoors not only good for our health but also makes us feel delighted by getting close to nature. There are many outdoor activities for us to choose and some of the appliances that used in activities are related to TPEs, such as the bait for fishing, snowshoes for skiing and fins for scuba diving etc…TPEs can improve our lifestyle, enhance the property of appliances and also help us to have a better experience with the final product.

What will you concern when choosing the bike?

For this article, we'll focus on the bike grips for cycling. People go cycling and give the mental reset during anxious time. Also, stress is easier to relieve within minutes of exposure to nature as measured by muscle tension, blood pressure and brain activity.

Picking out the right bike is vital for the cyclist. There are many bike categories for us to choose and it depends on where we plan to ride or the riding surface. Once you decide the bike type, then you may focus on the component of bike. Most of people may concentrate on the frame or tires.

However, the grips are also a great point and it plays a crucial role in bike handling. Grips can affect our ability to shift and brake, so if we ride with the wrong grips can lead to hand numbness, blistering and fatigue. We choose the bike grips based on their design, shape, tactility and attachment systems. As for the tactility, it relates to the material of grips and most of us care whether the material will cause the grips to sticky. It can have a great influence when we ride the bike.

Standard of Bike: ISO4210& TBIS4210.

PHOENIX™ TPEs know what you need.

Knowing the demand of our end-users, PHON TECH can provide you with suitable and high-quality material. The material specializes in non-sticky appearance, wear resistance, scratch-resistant. Especially our PHOENIX™ TPEs have outstanding shock absorption and it can enhance comfort when riding. Also with excellent weather, UV and ozone resistance, PHOENIX™ TPEs are definitely suited for outdoor applications.   

Let's search the material for your grips through below links or welcome contact PHON TECH !


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