How to discover the Phoenix™ at 2021 Tour De France!?

How to discover the Phoenix™ at 2021 Tour De France!?
An exciting event for all bike lovers in the world
Being one of the top 3 cycling grand tours by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and bike lover in the world, Tour De France has already taken place 107 times since 1903, and 2021 one is the 108 edition of the Tour de France. Although, this event still affected by the coronavirus since 2019, it has started hold normally this year, which comparing to 2020.
Moreover, this event usually participated by the UCI world team and UCI pro team, in which there are 19 world teams and 4 pro teams with 184 runners this year. Although it seems that all of them are different in this event from last year, they generally are the same as usual, due to changing their sponsor, it just likes other popular sports events. Furthermore, those bikers have been started their cycling on 2021/06/26, and they will need to spend three weeks to cover nearly 3300 km from Brittany, which in the northwest of France.

Figure: Tour de France in 1935

The evolution about bike and rider’s equipage at Tour De France
As far as we knew that, this event has already published in 1903. Therefore, there are lots of things that could change by external factors. For instance, in the early game, the majority of bicycles are made by iron pipe and fixed gear, which generally more heavily than modern bikes, and riders need to devote more time and effort to it. Moreover, bikers do not have the right protectable equipage. For example, the front and backlight on the bike, the helmet, goggles and warm clothing for the rider.
Hence, the bike and biker’s equipage steadily change their frame form and materials, the bicycle has started to design with the form of low drag coefficient and lightweight materials, such as carbon fibre composite and titanium, which can allow riders to devote less time and effort at the whole event. At the same time, the personal protector equipage upgrade with the same way, which is lightweight, beside of that, non-toxic and skin-friendly also steadily get more notice with riders

Figure: Tour de France in 2021

How Phoenix appears at this event?
According to the former paragraph, we have already known that the lightweight, skin-friendly and eco-friendly equipages generally attractive riders to use them. For example, the water bottle usually made of metals, which still a kind of burden for riders when they during the process of the event, although it fits with the option of eco-friendly. Moreover, it seems that the metal bottle isn't really suitable for riders drinking it during the process of biking. Therefore, a plastic water bottle can fully replace the place of the metal one during the biking event, due to its feature of lightweight.
Moreover, the Phoenix’s TPEs (Thermoplastic Elastomer) material upgrades more features to this kind of water bottle, it can allow users to decrease the times of dropping the bottle during the biking if the manufacture bonding our material with the face of the bottle.
Furthermore, bottle nozzles can be made of Phoenix’s TPEs material, which allows riders to enjoy the feeling secure, soft, convenient and odourless during drinking the water on the bike.

Figure: Bike bottle 
(Image credit: PHON TECH)
Besides that, the biking goggles and sunglasses are also can over mould or bonding with TPEs materials at the part of connecting with users' faces, and it can allow users to increase the relaxation when they use those equipages.

Figure: The four choices for Oakley's new Tour de France collection
(Image credit: Oakley )
To sum up, this just part of the way can discover the Phoenix at 2021 Tour De France, if you want to know details about Phoenix, please click the link below to contact us.

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