PHOENIX™ TPEs are ideal for medical tube. They are PVC and latex free. It is easy to sterilize via gamma ray, ethylene oxide or autoclave. They are clear and with good kink resistance to ensure the free flow of fluids and gasses. Some grades are heat sealable and weldable. PHOENIX™ TPEs are considered biocompatible per ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 testing protocols for cytotoxicity, irritation, and sensitisation. Hardness available from 35A to 80A.



Phon Tech develops TPEs for syringe gasket. Our PHOENIX™ TPEs do not generate particle. Very good compression set and easy to mold in multi cavity mold. The gasket molded with our TPEs provide leak proof and no back flow. The materials meet the medical standards and our TPEs pass USP87 regulation, the preliminary test of material cytotoxicity. They can be EtO gas sterilized.



PHOENIX™ TPEs suit for the extreme requirement of European standard BS EN 12531:1999 for medical caster wheel. We have different grades of TPEs with different characteristics such as rigid but flexible, high bouncing, low friction, silent and easy to push, high wear resistance.

nebulizer mask TPE material 300x210


PHOENIX™ medical grade TPEs are not made with natural rubber latex, which reduces allergic reactions. The transparent material enables easy drug delivery monitoring. Their soft and light weight features can provide comfortable and snug fit over patient's faces. They are suitable for manufacturing masks of both jet (pneumatic) nebulizer and ultrasonic nebulizer.

Resuscitator -


PHOENIX™ TPEs are designed to give sufficient air pressure when squeezing the inflating bag of the resuscitator and come back to its original state after. TPEs shall not be too rigid which the operator needs more strength to compress it while if it is too soft, it may not generate enough air pressure. TPEs make the resuscitator easy to grip on and get hold of it.

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