Phon Tech is proud to announce the completing of GHG emission quantification and verification

TH12-313-14064-1(005308~005311)-EN cover
Phon Tech has completed the quantification of GHG emissions of the year 2022 and has been verified by Afnor Group following the ISO 14064-1:2018 in September 2023. We ensure the data collected and recorded are accurate and reliable with our due diligence. The staff of Phon Tech are trained by qualified consultants and follow the protocol of ISO to conduct the quantification of GHG. The data shows that the direct GHG emission (category 1) was 42.1578 tons CO2e in 2022. Energy indirect GHG emissions (category 2) was 389.9867 tons CO2e and indirect GHG emissions (category 3-6) was 3944.1128 tons CO2e.

Completing GHG emission quantification and verification is not a one-time task; it's an ongoing commitment to accountability and sustainability. As we strive to meet ambitious climate targets, continuous improvement in methodologies, technology adoption, and collaborative efforts will be pivotal. 

From now on, we will keep monitoring GHG emissions and we aim to reduce our GHG emissions by adopting more energy-efficient production processes, waste reduction, less carbon footprint raw materials, and energy-saving machines and devices. Phon Tech is committed to the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) strategic framework. Our ultimate goal is to be a greener and more sustainable company.

For more information about GHG emission quantification and verification, please refer to the link below. 
Understanding GHG emission quantification and verification
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