Why does color fade or change after injection molding and how to improve it?

Color changing or fading might happen sometimes during process. There are several causes.
If the color fades after injection molding, it is usually due to the temperature resistance problem of pigment. Make sure that you set up the process temperature at right range to avoid degradation of pigment. Consult your supplier about the temperature resistance of pigment.
If your material color turns more yellow tone than usual, please check the barrel temperature to avoid material degradation.
If you encounter color change, it might be contamination from residual material or pigment in the barrel or screw grooves. Make sure you purge the barrel completely clean before converting into different color batch. We suggest using Polypropylene to purge the barrel before using TPEs.
If you face problem of lighter color, the pigment might coat the feed section of screw.
Suggest using higher viscosity TPEs or higher concentrate of pigment. If problem continues, consider using masterbatch.
For more guidelines, please refer to our technical bulletins for more information or contact our representatives.
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